Over Height Surveys

We have experience in detecting over height vehicles to assist in the planning and development of over road infrastructure (ie. bridges, overpasses, tunnels, signage etc).

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Pedestrian Survey Audits

We have the experience and capabilities to undertake pedestrian survey audits.

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Automatic Tube Vehicle Counts

We are considered to be the experts when it comes to automatic vehicle counting using pneumatic tubes.

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Video Surveys

We provides a number of sophisticated surveys utilising the state of the art video collection technologies.

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40+ Years Experience

TCS proudly boasts it has over 40 years of continuous experience in effective traffic surveys in Australia. You can count on TCS for providing quality rail, vehicle and pedestrian surveys anytime anywhere in Australia.

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Quality Surveys OnTime

TCS understands the importance and criticality of having accurate and reliable survey data and TCS has built its long standing reputation within the Australian market by delivering quality survey data on time to all its clients.

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Proven Technologies

In order to collect survey data reliably and consistently TCS relies on proven methods, processes and current technologies. TCS has a research team that keeps abreast of the latest tools and technologies for survey deployment.

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Welcome to TCS for Surveys

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